Creative Social Media Planner

Creative Social Media Planner


Grow your following into a flourishing online community.

Develop your business into the online brand of your dreams!

This is your go-to resource. The Creative Social Media Planner will invite you to step out of the square and examine what makes your business different.

Dig deep and find creative ways to connect with your ideal customer/reader/follower and in turn, grow an authentic, supportive online community. 

This is more than just a social media plan template, this is an insightful source of inspiration and a creativity-sparking planner. 

What's inside?

Inside the interactive planner is 11 different sections, made up of the following:

Section 1 : What are you working towards  

Section 2: Goal setting

Section 3: What is it about your brand?

Section 4: Defining your market

Section 5: Your competitors

Section 6: Platforms and tools

Section 7: Finding your unique voice and developing a style guide

Section 8: Gathering the content and making it work for you

Section 9: Getting your brand down-pat

Section 10: Contribution and collaboration

Section 11: The nitty-gritty

Each section has areas for you to read and fill in. The planner can be filled in on your computer, tablet or laptop and saved, or printed out if you prefer to put pen to paper. 

There are 26 pages contained in this E-Book. 

This resource is for you if: 

  • You have just launched your new business or blog and are aiming to make a big impact and get your social media right, from the start. 
  • You are running an existing blog, online business or bricks and mortar store and not getting the results on social media you are hoping for (or needing). 
  • You are in the early planning stages of business and ticking off all the boxes, you totally understand that having a social media strategy is really important when it comes to starting a business. 
  • You feel like you are in a rut when it comes to your online growth and you are ready to hit the reset button and flourish online.
  • You are ready to find new and creative ways to express your brand online authentically. 
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