Along with our social media management packages, we are pleased to offer clients assistance in may areas such as creative design and writing as well as strategy.


Photography - Our talented in-house photographers can work on styled flat-lays, product photos and in-situ shots.

Graphic Design - Digital & Print - As well as an experienced Digital Producer at Social Media Creative we also have a Degree qualified Graphic Designer and Photographer with over 10 years experience in both digital and print work.

Creative Writing - All Platforms - As a team we are able to write various content ranging from short and engaging headlines for attention grabbing posts on Social Media through to longer eDM's, creative blogs and also full web sites.

Blog Posts - SEO Optimised - SEO blog posts are one of the easiest ways to increase your website traffic. They drive SEO, fuel social media marketing campaigns and are a good way to introduce people to your brand.

Email Marketing + Strategy - Creating unique and personalised email campaigns including imagery, copy and content and strategy if required.

Brand + Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines - Creating Social Media Guidelines which discusses what is suitable for your businesses social media content in regards to tone of voice, customer interaction, imagery, type of posts etc.

Brand + Strategic Guidelines - Creating a set of guidelines for your business that can either be a simple 1 page document through to a detailed full guideline that discusses the rules around how your brand works.

Search Engine Optimisation + Marketing

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - Our SEO and Google AdWords specialist can work on your advertising and website traffic objectives. Search Engine Optimisation refers to increasing the visibility of your website on search engines such as google in an organic way (versus paid) through thinking about what keywords are searched for on search engines and are they referenced throughout the website, what search engines are preferred by their target audience and updating the HTML and associated code.

PPC - Pay Per Clicks - This is where search engines like google allow businesses to buy listings in their search results. These listings appear alongside (and often above) the organic search results. The search engine (such as google) is then paid every time a user clicks on the sponsored listed.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing - This is a form of internet marketing where we promote your website through increasing its visibility through search engine result pages (i.e. google) mainly through paid advertising. SEM can also incorporate Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is where we tweak or rewrite your websites content and site layout and style to achieve a higher ranker in googles search engine. By doing this it will also enhance your pay per click (PPC) listings.

Strategic Planning + Reporting

Strategic Planning - Strategic planning is essential when spending money on advertising. We look at your business to determine what would work to maximise your profits as well as increasing your post engagement.

Google Analytics - To ensure your website is running at its full potential we can set up google analytics or other relevant software to track all traffic to and from your website down to the most minute detail.

Detailed Reporting - View your social media activity, follower engagement, demographics, audience location and much more.
Reports are emailed to clients every 28 days.

Conferences + Workshop Presentations

Conference + Workshop Presentations - If you are wanting to discuss with your team how you wish your business to be presented both digitally and on printed materials we can come to you and present a workshop that discusses best practice.

Social Media Competitions + Giveaways

Social Media Competitions + Giveaways - We can set up competitions from creating graphics, ensuring people are following the rules, drawing and contacting the winners to ensuring the winner provides feedback through the correct platforms.


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