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Social Media Creative have thoughtfully developed our packages and services to suit all budgets and stages of business. Whether you are just looking for some help with a couple of platforms, or requiring a hefty boost to your online activity, we have got you covered. Speak with our team today to discuss your needs and objectives and we can put together a tailored quote and the perfect package for you.

Community cultivation put simply is nourishing your online following. It means to effectively network, communicate and engage with relevant profiles, individuals, brands and influencers in order to gain exposure for your own profile, and, in turn grow your following. 

Cultivating your community is also putting a human element into your online activity- using personality, brand values and sometimes even humour to bring your brand to life. This is where true connections are established with followers and customers- we believe that this is real social media.

content creation

We share relevant, engaging content all aligned perfectly with your brand values and mission. The theme of your various profiles are clearly developed and defined in partnership with our clients, prior to Social Media Creative commencing work on your chosen networks. 

The content that we share is of the highest quality and delivered with purpose and creativity. Our captions are cleverly crafted to be intriguing and thought provoking and will often entice the viewer to take action- without being a hard sell. 

We source, create, and collect applicable images, graphics, articles, quotes and more on your behalf- leaving you more time to work on your business and provide the services and products that you are passionate about.

client satisfaction

At Social Media Creative we highly value the satisfaction of our clients and we are known to go beyond what is expected of a social media manager. We are known as efficient, dynamic and on-the-ball when it comes to industry knowledge and current trends. 

We make it our job to ensure that as our client, you are consistently satisfied with our services and we invite regular feedback and suggestions that will always be welcome. 

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, keeping in regular contact- our reports are also adequately detailed so that you know how your profiles have performed each management cycle. 

customer connection

We engage with your followers, ensuring that their comments, messages and questions are answered in a timely manner. We develop a writing 'style-guide' in partnership with our clients, to ensure that a consistent tone of voice is always used, aligning with the overall personality of your brand. 

You may have heard of the term 'social influencer'- we search for applicable influencers across Instagram and engage with them, commenting on their photos, visiting their followers accounts and do the same. Whilst doing this, we also make a list of those who we believe would make favourable collaboration partners and email this to you at the end of every management cycle- this is very valuable!


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