Getting the most out of your Management Service
 with us...

Our services are developed with our clients in mind. 
To ensure that you get the most out of your social media management,
we have the following suggestions.
These are not by any means compulsory, they are ways in which
you can help us to grow your online presence and increase sales. 


  1. Attempt to provide us with as much information as possible about your brand. We will do a lot of research on your products and/or services, competitors and more, but it is the uncovering of your unique selling points, individuality, points of interest and customer service that will help us to represent your authentic brand online.
    Having access to this information is what will help us set your business apart from the rest (the online world tends to get a little crowded). 
  2. Having access to your brand fonts, colours and logo will be a big help. As part of most of our services at Social Media Creative, we create graphics on your behalf to share with your audience. These graphics work best if they are styled using your branding, so if you have font files and colour codes that you can upload to the Dropbox, or email us it will much appreciated. 
    If you do not know about these items, or can not locate them, the graphic designer that produced your brand identity should be able to assist you- alternatively, please email and we can help. 
  3. Logging on to your Instagram Profile when you can, will provide an extra boost to your engagement rate and profile growth. Particularly important for personal brands, or where your business services are provided by you- your audience will really connect with you on a more personal level if you are engaging with them often. As part of our Instagram Management Service, we interact with your ideal customers every time we post for you for a certain amount of time- but any extra interactions on top of what we do, is only going to benefit your business. 
  4. Helping us to create content by providing us with up-to-date images is a great way to make sure that we are always sharing new and up to date content with your audience. We will source content from your website and blog, other websites and Instagram accounts and at times Pinterest. However, the more unique content that is directly related to your brand, the better.
    If you would like Social Media Creative to work on photographing, styling and creating photographic content for you, please let us know and we can provide a quote for our photo content services. These small-scale photo shoots are an affordable investment and will ensure that you have unique content to share regularly with your audience. 
  5. Please provide us with feedback, if you feel we need a change in direction, target market or otherwise. We are here for you- we want to work with you and ensure that you are happy every step of the way. Please do not hesitate to share any relevant feedback at all, as we can make changes and amendments along the way. 

We can't wait to create, share and grow your online brand with you.