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How it works

introducing the digital game plan //
social media and digital strategy

At Social Media Creative, we believe that there are important factors that when discovered and executed effectively, will contribute positively to how well your brand performs online: 




+ Brand values

+ Tone of voice

+ Quality, unique Imagery

+ Strategic, brand-aligned content

+ A highly functioning, responsive website

+ A growing mailing list

+ Authentic audience engagement


here's where our game plan comes in...

We look at your brand's digital presence holistically- posting to social media is one thing, but posting with purpose is going to elevate your brand to the next level. 

Our Digital Game Plan does not just cover social media- we look at how your customer and potential customers come into contact with your brand, online. A big part of this, is how your customers perceive your brand and the entire customer experience.  

We discover and evaluate the entire customer journey- from initial brand awareness, to purchase and beyond the check out...

the digital game plan

We map out your route to growth...


your digital strategy, strategic customer journey and a blueprint for growth, will be mapped out for you, ready to execute in our digital game plan.

It's yours- to keep and refer to as your guide to growing your e-commerce business. 

Social Media Creative will also present a service proposal to you, which will contain a recommended scope of works as recommended within the Game Plan. Our suggested services will be broken down for you, so that you can easily digest our suggestions in accordance with your budget and the resources that you have access to.

are you dying to know more about the Digital Game Plan? 

social media strategy

Elevating brands...


With a comprehensive social media and digital strategy plan behind you, you can feel confident investing in social and digital marketing, knowing that you have established strategic direction. Moving forward with professional guidance will effectively reduce your financial risk. 

We are making educated, informed recommendations to you, based on research.


This Digital Game Plan forms a very strong foundation for our client-agency-relationship. It ensures that we know you, your team and the brand you represent, as well as your market, before we commence management and an ongoing scope of works. 

interested in reading more about the services we offer?

social media strategy

To have a successful online business, there are distinct elements that need to work together. 


Packages based on our strategy + your budget & objectives = success.

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