Not all businesses have the budget to 100% outsource their social media management. 

Fortunately, Social Media Creative are on your side and are offering to do the hard part for you,
which is working out what to post.

Our Content Creation Packages include sourcing content from your website, industry blogs and other reputable sources to
craft posts directed to your ideal customer. This valuable content is scheduled in advance and published
while you are able to work on your business.

All that is left to do is monitor follower comments and reviews, that's the fun part!

Content creation for social media

We share relevant, engaging content all aligned perfectly with your brand values and mission. The theme of your various profiles are clearly developed and defined in partnership with our clients, prior to Social Media Creative commencing work on your chosen networks. 

The content that we share is of the highest quality and delivered with purpose and creativity. Our captions are cleverly crafted to be intriguing and thought provoking and will often entice the viewer to take action- without being a hard sell. 

We source and collect applicable images, graphics, articles, quotes and more on your behalf- leaving you more time to work on your business and provide the services and products that you are passionate about.

Client satisfaction

At Social Media Creative we highly value the satisfaction of our clients and we are known to go beyond what is expected of a social media manager. We are known as efficient, dynamic and on-the-ball when it comes to industry knowledge and current trends. 

We make it our job to ensure that as our client, you are consistently satisfied with our services and we invite regular feedback and suggestions that will always be welcome. 

We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, keeping in regular contact- our reports are also adequately detailed so that you know how your profiles have performed each management cycle. 

Social media reports


View your social media activity, follower engagement, demographics, audience location and much more.
Reports are emailed to clients every 28 days.


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