Introducing PLANN- a visual planning app for Instagram

PLANN is a powerful social media tool for planning and scheduling your Instagram feed. It seamlessly enables you to curate a beautiful and cohesive instagram feed with their visual drag'n drop feature, and unlike other Instagram schedulers, PLANN won't lock you into monthly payment plans or risk the safety of your Instagram account!

We were lucky enough for the chance to chat with Christy Laurence, the brains behind PLANN, about the app, how it all started and any tips that she had to create a beautiful, cohesive Instagram profile. We hope you enjoy...

1. What was it that pushed you to create the PLANN app?

Ahhh, I'd spent years wanting to create and market my own product, I had been working in marketing in the financial service industry for years and years dreaming of my own product and I FINALLY had my idea! 

PLANN came to me after realising just how important it is to have a visually appealing, and cohesive Instagram feed. 

I was using Instagram to share artwork daily (as part of a rehab program, my first love is illustrating and it became a great outlet) to hold myself accountable to creating something every day, and it didn't take me long to realise that the better my feed looked as a whole, the more money people threw at me and the faster my followers would grow. 

2. What makes PLANN unique? How does it stand out from other scheduling or planning software and apps for Instagram? 

PLANN is definitely unique! 

Instagram schedulers just don't seem to understand the visual user.
Instagram is a visual platform and I felt there there just wasn't a platform that understood that.
Most are complicated, charge monthly fees and restrict monthly activity.

With PLANN, there are no restrictions! 

Basically I designed something I wanted for myself, and for all my friends who are Instagrammers, bloggers and creatives - a beautiful, powerful planning tool with no monthly fees. 

3. What functions of the app are you most excited about? 

The drag and drop function is my most favourite feature as it caused the most pain(!), and is the best part of the whole app to be able to visually plan your instagram feed.

Saving your favourite hashtags is also something I use myself every day, and I'm excited to see where this feature goes with changes already being made.

Haha actually, there is one feature that that only I would rave about because I know JUST how much work went into it, there's no other app that lets you upload multiple images. 
They all cap you at 7 or 10 images to upload, but with PLANN, you can keep uploading up to 120 images at one go. 

4. What would your advice be for someone who wants to create a beautiful, cohesive Instagram profile for their business, blog or personal brand?

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! 

Choose a colour palette that fits your brand, make sure you're appealing to those you want as customers or followers.
For example, the PLANN brand is bright, light and airy images, it's meant to be a refreshing colour scheme that provides insight of 'easiness' and premium. I try to make it feel like an Instagram resort haha.   

If I was wanting a young female audience, I'd be making sure I had lots of bright colours with pops of pink accents to make my feed stand out to them specifically. Make it easy for people to recognise your images as soon as they see them, and that includes over all channels, email newsletter and your website. Don't make it hard for people, there's so much noise out there!

5. Do you have any tips to share for creating or sourcing quality images and content for their Instagram account?

Yes, invest in your imagery!
You'll notice all the popular instagram accounts, and those that grow (and convert!) quickly, are those with beautiful imagery that understand that Instagram is a 100% visual platform.

Invest in yourself with a new camera, online courses, get acquainted with photoshop or light room, teach yourself what makes your image pop.

If you don't have the time, invest in a photographer. 
One set of images can last you MONTHS once you crop and rotate, use graphic overlays. Remember not everyone see's every image you use, so it's safe to re-use them as you need. 

6. Do you have anything else at all to add?

Think about your Instagram feed as your shop front, in the first 9 images does your feed visually explain what you do?
Ask a friend, (or heck even a stranger!) to give you an un-biased opinion of your feed, or post it in a Facebook group and ask! Don't be afraid, feedback is how you grow. 

Remember, the FOLLOW button is sitting right at the top of your gallery, someone will make a snap decision if your feed is worth following or not - make it easy for them! 

Plann is a powerful Social Media Strategy tool. Visualise, design, plan and schedule Instagram profiles in advance. Android. iOS. iPad.

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