Introducing the Creative Social Media Planner

As a Social Media Manager, I know how important it is to have a crystal clear idea of what your brand really means. This is one of the reasons behind why we have just released Social Media Creative's first e-product, which is now available for purchase in our store

Do you know the answers to the following when it comes to your business?

What does it stand for?

What does it value?

What kind of personality does your brand have?

What type of company culture do you wish to create?

What are your big picture goals for the future?

Can you answer these questions about your business right away, have you thought about them before?

When it comes to crafting posts to share on your social media networks, it is crucial that you are creating them with your ideal customer, reader or follower in mind. Your core values, ethos and theming needs to be reflected in every post, comment, image and message that you put out there on social media. 

This is where the Creative Social Media Planner comes in- it holds your hand as you dive deep into discovering who your ideal customer is and what your brand is all about. It aids in sparking creativity as you investigate ways in which to get your message out there to the world, as well as taking a peek at what others are doing online and drawing some inspiration from that. 

It is also so important to get your overall look and feel right, as well as your tone of voice and profile theming- all of these are closely examined in the Planner. 

Want to peek inside?


I began work on the ebook last year (2015) in January and spent several months developing the content. I then worked with Nikki from Bliss Inventive (highly recommended) on the design. There is so much involved in putting together an ebook- from the initial idea to the writing and design, it was a long journey from last year to the recent launch. 

Thank you so much to everyone for the overwhelming support so far- and this won't be the last E Product- stay tuned for more valuable resources to come!