3 Instagram Hacks to try today

Instagram hacks to try

Instagram is a brilliant way to really connect with your growing community. If you use Instagram for your business, chances are your brand is inspiring followers with behind the scenes images, personality and tips and tricks to help educate your market. 

With a clever strategy and these Hacks, you are on your way to Insta Success! 

1. Take advantage of your Handle & Name

On Instagram, everyone has a handle to be found, it is what you share with your audience in order for them to look you up and follow you. However, you also have an area in your profile that you can edit, which does not effect your handle. This is your opportunity to get creative and add an extra bit of information for viewers to see exactly what you do! 

See below for an example of an account that has utilised their name & handle effectively, sharing their unique hashtag to encourage their audience to join in the fun when travelling: 

Another great example: 

Another reason to try this is as it aids in helping users find you when they search, and it also displays your handle + your chosen name in the search results. This means you can stand out and let viewers know who you are and what you do, before they even click on your profile. See below for an example: 

So, how do you do it? 

Simply view your own profile whilst you are logged into your account, then click on 'Edit Profile'. When you are happy, click 'Done'. It is that easy. 

2. Enter well researched hashtags in the comment section, not the caption

By entering your hashtag list in the comment section once you publish your post, you are allowing your caption to be simple, clean and easy to read. I have some tips below to make the process quick and effective for you: 

  • Perform research on hashtags relevant to your business and industry by searching on Iconosquare or Tags For Likes. Be sure to save hashtags that relate to what you do and the products and services you offer, so that you can be found when potential followers and customers search on Instagram. 
  • Save the selected hashtags on your phone, either in your Notes (iPhone) or an app like Evernote
  • When you are ready to publish a post, you will need to have your hashtag list already copied to your keyboard, so that it is ready to paste as soon as you press 'Post' on Instagram. This is because hashtags are only picked up at the time of the photo being published, not when the hashtags are shared, so you do not want your photo to get lost. This also means that adding hashtags to older images does not bring them to the front of the queue. 
  • Feel free to add hashtags that relate directly to the photo itself, adding to the original list of hashtags for your business. 
  • You can use up to 30 hashtags at once, so go for it!
  • Once you get a comment or two, your hashtag list will be hidden (unless reader clicks 'view comments'). 

3. Find and interact with your potential followers

My last pointer (I am giving away all my secrets here) is probably my favourite. 

Don't rely on good content and hashtag use to grow your following and engagement- get proactive and start finding your followers. By connecting with your ideal clients/customers/readers on Instagram on a more human level (in the form of a comment or like), you are increasing your chances of a follow, whilst increasing engagement.  
I explain below:

  • Note down other similar businesses in your industry (your competitors, brands you are inspired by) and find their profiles on Instagram. 
  • Click on 'FOLLOWERS' at the top of their profile- this will bring up a list of people (Profiles) that follow the brand you are similar to. 
  • Consider this- if these people Follow & Like this brand that is similar to you, why wouldn't they be interested your brand and what it has to offer too? 
  • Now, get their attention by taking a look through their feed, Like a few photos (at least 3) and comment if you can. 
  • If the account interests you and you like what you see- perhaps give them a follow. 
  • I suggest spending at least an hour per week doing this- this is part of a process I call 'Community Cultivation'. 

Do you have any favourite Instagram Hacks that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them, drop a comment below. 

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