5 Reasons To Join Snapchat...Now

5 reasons to join Snapchat

I believe that if there is one platform that is going to trend in 2016 for brands, it is Snapchat. 

So, here are a couple of good reasons to pick up your smart phone and join the fun. 

1. It is great fun!

Perhaps the reason why I am enjoying it so much, as well as why according to Snapchat Ads, there are over 100 million active and engaged people that use the app every day. 

The app is user-friendly and doesn't take up much of your time, plus, the only limit to what you Snap away at during your day is your imagination! 

There are fun filters, geo-location graphics and much more that can be added to your Snaps. Brands are getting super creative with the images and videos that they share and users are taking notice. 

2. It's real, raw and un-edited

Once you have your strategy in place,  you can begin to use the app with purpose, snapping away during the day- sharing real images and videos that don't need to be perfectly stunning- unlike Instagram. Share your office quirks and behind the scenes travel stories, visits to industry conferences, events and more. You can really capture the essence and personality of your brand and business, get your team involved and be creative with your snaps. 

Not having to fuss around with edits or filters, means that an upload is as quick as taking a photo or a ten second video, adding it to your story (two clicks) and away you go. Another point to remember, is that once the content has been uploaded, it will disappear after just 24 hours, which leaves followers with a sense of urgency to view what you are sharing that day. 

3. Most businesses and personal brands on Snapchat are new to the platform

Like other platforms, this app won't be for every business or individual, that is for sure. But the brands who are active on it are pioneers- experimenting, learning what works and what doesn't. It will be all about trial and error during these early stages, so why not join in the fun? 

If the predictions of Snapchat being huge for businesses and personal brands in 2016 comes true, I believe that you are better off being one of the first on the platform, building up your audience over time and getting to know the technology, rather than trying to jump on the bandwagon later on in the game. Plus- less businesses on the platform means less competition- it is a win win. 

4. Your market could be hanging out there

According to Snapchat stats, 60% of US 13-34 year olds that use a smartphone are active on Snapchat. If your market is a youthful one, chances are that they are spending time on the platform. 

snapchat stats

5. Show your audience the real you

Video is a popular and effective way to communicate with your audience. For some however, recording a live video can be daunting and difficult and sometimes pushed to the 'someday list'. With Snapchat, you can record snippets of your day in 10 second intervals and not have to worry about studio set up, lighting and sound equipment. Although, professional videos are a great tool for your businesses social media presence and I highly recommend them, a quick Snap is real and authentic, letting your audience get to know the real face and personality behind the brand. 

These 10 second videos can then individually be uploaded to your 'Story'. This Story then becomes your journey over the 24 hour period- get creative in your day-to-day and form a story full of value, insight and even humour.  

Ideas for snippets: 

  • Share a super quick tip (relevant to your industry) with your audience 
  • Share a recipe or how-to guide on something you are passionate about
  • Provide valuable knowledge on something in your field
  • Share a hack- a tip that is super valuable that your followers might not know
  • Upload a travel story- getting to the airport, checking in, having coffee, reading materials etc. 
  • Share snippets of your conference or trade show visit- getting there, highlights, team dinners 
  • For a great example of someone who does Snapchat well- check out @GaryVee by searching for him on the platform.


  • DO NOT replicate content on this platform! Snapchat content needs to be unique, different from what you are sharing on the other networks. 
  • The only way for followers or 'friends' to find you on Snapchat is either by organic search or paid ads. You will need to make sure you share your Username with your followers on other networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, email newsletter, plus your website and/or blog. 
  • Check out this post for some great tips and hacks for making the most of your Snaps! 

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