4 ways to attract more follower engagement.

Having large follower numbers is one thing, but is your audience entertained, connected and interested in what you have to offer? 

How likely is it that your audience is going to spend money with you, or visit your website? 

With an engaged audience, you and your business are likely to experience:

  • Real customer connection
  • Trust
  • Higher conversion rates
  • More comments, shares, Retweets etc. 
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Improved word-of-mouth referrals

In understanding some of the benefits that can come with an engaged, active audience, let's look at ways to encourage your following to interact with your social media activity on a regular basis: 

  1. Provide Value

It isn't exactly rocket science, but if you are not providing valuable insights, information, entertainment and resources to your audience, what are they going to get out of following you?

In order for your followers to get to know you and what you do before they spend money with you, it is very important that you provide them with valuable content. This way, they can get a taste of what you create and what your business values before they have to put their hands in their pockets to spend money with you. 

After following you for some time and consuming the valuable content that you share, when it does come to an offer or product launch, they will jump on it- that is the aim of the game. 

Providing value can come in many forms- it could be information, links to news articles (relevant to your industry), inspirational quotes, tips on entrepreneurship, discount codes created exclusively for followers and much more. Get creative and think about what your followers might want to read, see and watch during their day. 

2. Trigger emotions

Some of the best marketing campaigns play at your heart-strings, making you feel empathy, inspired, amused, peaceful, cheerful and much more. Triggering emotions in your viewers can leave a lasting impression, leaving them touched in some way by your brand. 

Often, when you leave your follower feeling somewhat attached to your brand, it can lead them to spending money with you. It can also lead to viral activity, such as repeated views of your video clip, sharing your photo with their friends, or Retweeting or posting about what you have shared. This will aid in expanding your audience, reaching more people who will want to learn about your brand, especially seeing as one of their friends and/or family has shared your content. 

An amazing example of an advertisement that triggers happiness, was the little boy who was the UPS truck's biggest fan, who got to become a driver for the day: 

I don't know about you, but this pulls at my heart strings- it makes me feel happy. If this popped up in my feed, I would definitely share the video with my friends and family. 

Another example would be the recent 'Coming Home' campaign that Qantas delivered in 2015- view the videos here. 

Put simply, it is all about bringing that human element to your business and making real connections with consumers, rather than just selling, selling, selling online. When you create, source or develop your next post, consider how it will affect your followers and how you might be able to inject a little more emotion into their reactions.. 

3. Story telling

When you meet someone new, chances are they have a story to tell. Stories are how we can share our experiences and interests with others. If you are telling a story with your brand online in what you consistently post, you are likely to attract people to your story, who will be inclined to want to share your story with those they know. 

Us humans, are natural born story tellers, so why not tap into this and develop a story around your next campaign, post, blog or video? Share the unique story behind your brand- what makes it different, what drives you to deliver your product and/or service? Can people find out why your business exists, your purpose, your why? Share this story with your followers and see what happens. 

Below is a great example of the story behind why one company chooses to use Asana Software for their workplace.


4. Communicate and connect

Once your followers start commenting, leaving reviews, asking questions etc. via social media, it is so important to make them feel appreciated by responding in a timely manner. 

Thanking followers for taking the time to write a review on Facebook, Google, Tripadvisor etc. can be a great way to show that you really care, the follower that wrote the review, as well as new visitors that view the review will see this and hopefully acknowledge your efforts. 

Simply writing back to your follower's comments can leave a lasting impression, turning your fans into ambassadors and invested customers. Remember to always put a positive spin on everything, even if it is a negative comment. 


Chloe Dunn is the Founder and Managing Director at Social Media Creative. Chloe is passionate about creating and growing authentic, engaged online communities. You can read more about Chloe here. 

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