Creating An Authentic Instagram Following

Creating an authentic Instagram following

Meet our first blog contributor, Jess of Eclectic Creative.

Jess Viscarde Eclectic Creative

An avid communicator and creative type - Jessica's design journey and experience over the past decade has involved gaining a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design, working as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Assistant for IKEA, becoming a qualified Interior designer graduating with the major award from the Design Institute of Australia and winning the Alumni Entrepreneurship grant. Jessica is a design contributor on Houzz sharing tips and ideas about all things interiors and her work is a regular feature on         popular lifestyle and design blogs and social media.

Just Be You.

I set out to use Instagram as a way of tracking my progress, essentially treating it and using it like a working visual diary. I was fresh out of Interior Design school (having been in the Design Industry for close to 10 years) and was eager to explore my style and connect with like-minded people. Slowly but surely I started to meet others and build my community around the content I had created. One of the most powerful things I did was starting the #pocketofmyhome hashtag to connect my small community through the love of our homes, celebrating interiors with personality. From humble beginnings and organic growth it has exploded to over 30K images of high quality, engaged, design loving followers.

Create inspiring (and original) content

If you are a creative, stylist, designer, maker, I recommend creating your own original content to share on Instagram. I really can’t express this enough. Use this visual tool to show your own work, and express authentically who you are and the people (and followers) will come. By posting your work and your original content you will connect with people that understand you and these people will become your network.

Yes, inspirational-only feeds may have thousands of more followers than you. But that’s OK. They are regurgitating content that is not their own. It takes time to create original work and you are showing an authentic expression of your abilities. It is the way I have always chosen to run my instagram and has brought valuable contacts and business relationships as well as fantastic new experiences. Some inspirational feeds are great, and serve their purpose - showing inspiration - but if you want more from you account, I would recommend sharing original content only. Quality not Quantity Don’t become fixated on your follower count. I find this really counter-productive and I see many new businesses and creatives obsessed about their follower numbers. Yes, increasing your follower count helps your brand and business grow through exposure, but only if you are concentrating on growing your numbers with authentic and quality followers. I would much prefer to have 1000 organically grown, engaged, passionate supporters of your cause over 5000 non-existent absent followers, or worse still “bought” followers. Yep, you can actually buy followers to make your brand look popular. How fake is that? 

Remember your WHY

Why are you using Instagram? What is the purpose?

These answers will help you form the base of how you curate your instagram account. For example, I have purposely chose to build my following steadily and authentically, remaining true to my WHY and my purpose, - to show my visual diary of work I create and to connect with like-minded people.

Figure out what you want from your account and ask yourself why am I doing this? Be patient, be consistent, be nice and share your best work. People will find you. 

Jess Viscarde of Eclectic Creative


Jessica Viscarde runs a successful design Studio based in Melbourne, called Eclectic Creative. Jess uses Instagram as her visual diary and networking tool, you can find her on it daily here 
Jess shares her portfolio on Instagram and also uses it as a way to connect with you and other businesses. Jess also started the #pocketofmyhome tag, (it has over 30K images and growing) as a way for celebrating real homes with personality, not just the ones found in glossy magazines.

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Jessica Viscarde

Founder of Eclectic Creative, a little design studio based in Melbourne, Australia that was launched from the desire to offer a series of design services, delivered in a fun and approachable way.