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the social media creative challenge
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  • Learn ways to grow your following into a thriving community of people who are genuinely interested in your brand.


social media challenge

"I don't know how I came across the Social Media Creative Challenge but I'm glad I did. The tips I received during the challenge exceeded my expectations. Social media isn't just about sharing content, it's about understanding your brand, your purpose, your competitors, your influencers, and how to connect with your followers on a deeper level.

This challenge not only provide tools that will help grow your social media following, but it gets you to really reflect and answer tough questions about your brand. From all the social media courses and eBooks I've signed up for, this is by far the most detailed and invaluable! "

-Justyna Zarzeczny, Thrive With The Seasons



"I loved how each day’s exercise was simple, achievable, and instantly effective.
For example, straight away on Day 1 I had consistency across all channels, and was able to track clicks to my website through my social media channels.”

-Louise Rhodes, Willunga Wino

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social media creative challenge